Laser Kiwi #2

After traveling the world with a cult classic the hard hitting surreal sketch circus trio are back with the creatively named Laser Kiwi #2. Sticking with the left of field, no rules, see what sticks soul of the original show while bringing whole new layer of show craft!

Join the world’s best and only surreal sketch circus troupe on a wild ride as they bring people closer together, one olive at a time. Expect bizarre ideas, high level circus and a bloody good night out.

Will the new hour outshine the original? Or are they a one hit wonder? You will have to come to find out.

"Laser Kiwi #2 is a wild and inventive show that you should absolutely make time for." - Art Murmurs, NZ

"Bite into the mystery muffin - you won’t be disappointed." - Theatreview, NZ

"Jaw-dropping physical prowess... and LOLs. A lot of them." - Theatreview, NZ

  • New Zealand International Comedy Festival - 2021
  • NZ Fringe Festival - 2020
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