Dream Garden

Step into our dreams! This beautiful, skillful and surreal performance combines aerial circus, projection art and comedy. You can’t be sure what’s real and what’s dream, so sit up the front, get a good view and enjoy the show!

‘Dream Garden’ is an aerial circus street theatre production. Exploring the dream world through movement, physical comedy and gentle audience interaction.

A sleep sequence on the aerial silks and rope reveals a new world, where we capture dreams in glass droppers and hide them like treasure within a chest, delving in and out of dreams at will. Through high calabre aerial performance, we experience a dream of being an astronaut, a nightmare of being chased, and a shared dream/duet about flying.

The performance space is illuminated by two nostalgia inspiring Over Head Projectors. A warm world, upon which we create captivating visual effects including live illustration and coloured dye dispersion.

“An ethereal marriage of comedy and skilled acrobatics sure to entertain and delight” - Jodi Wright, Programmer

“Hands down one of the best shows at Bread and Circus World Buskers Festival 2019” Strut & Fret Production House

  • Highlight: Carnival of Light - 2018
  • World Buskers Festival - 2019, 2020
  • Paihia Summer Festival - 2018 - 2020
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