Cascade (working title) is a multidisciplinary collaborative project between 15 of Aotearoa’s leading Circus Artists and Jazz Musicians. All about creating a common language, exploring where the forms naturally intersect, inspire & challenge each other.

The show will become a full length, large scale, high calibre production. Circus artists and jazz musicians performing together. Kinetic set design to push and pull focus between bodies and disciplines. Inspiration drawn from music video cinematography and the use of design to capture the essence of the compositions.

Continuing to develop the suite of original music, which is being written to accompany multidisciplinary circus performance. This work will provide the sonic backdrop for circus artists to showcase & counterpoint their visual artform - as well as being intricate and engaging to listen to in its own right.

Developing this work will be a multistage process, as we gather resources and spend time developing shared language between the artists.

Get in touch to hear more about where we are on the journey.

Musical Director and Composer: Michael Costeloe

The development of this project was made possible thanks to the support of the following organisations.

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