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Combining elegant light technology with physical performance to create mesmerising and original works.This is our 21st century reimagination of what performance can be. Perfect for any event after dark or just switch the lights off! We design and build everything ourselves.

  • Roving
  • Installation
  • Production
  • Act

We design and create intricate and illuminated costume. This transient artwork can bring the entire venue to life.

Comparable to a sculpture, installation performance is decorative. It adds atmosphere, sets the scene and is a great talking point for audience.

Focussed and high impact stage performance lasting any length of time. Illuminated performance artforms can include but aren’t limited to: juggling, aerial acrobatics, hula hoop, music, dance and comedy.

A focussed and high impact illuminated performance choreographed to music, lasting on average 5 minutes

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Case Studies

  • "ultra professional in every way, and the style and finesse they put into their performances is unparalleled. I can't wait to book them for next year's festival!"

    Mary Laine- Wellington LUX Festival
  • "They are very creative people, friendly and so easy to deal with. The execution of all performances was perfect and left our guests amazed. Definitely a crowd pleaser!"

    Carla Steed- Technology Valley Awards
  • "As an international festival there are four key components we look for in programming work - quality, engagement, accessibility and innovation - They tick all the boxes!"

    Glen Pickering- World Buskers festival